What Our Gym Offers


Group Training

The StumpTown programming is a method designed to mimic a human’s natural movements through exercise. Our lives are based on movements that happen all day long; whether it is picking up your child, getting in and out of your car or helping a friend move. These are called “functional movements.” StumpTown S&C is influenced by these movements and has set up a system to maximize the potential of our physical capacities as human beings. The programming is based on gymnastics, weightlifting and high intensity movements. You will become stronger in all of these areas therefore making your potential to move your own body weight or external objects that much greater. Regardless of age, experience and fitness level, any individual can participate in our group classes because the workouts are scaled to a person’s individual abilities.



Personal Training

We offer 1-on-1 in private sessions to help people reach their individual goals at a time that works best for them. Sessions are 50 minutes long. Whether you need accountability, it’s been some time since you were active, or you’ve got specific athletic goals, we’ve got you covered. Our coaches are personally-interested in you and want you to reach your highest potential.


Spin Classes


Whether you’re here for a day or committed to years, we’ve got exactly what you need. We are the first indoor spinning studio on the Eastside of Portland.



Running Development

In our running program, we teach proper running mechanics based on the Pose Method of running. Running is a skilled that is learned. With proper running mechanics, you will have less chance for injuries and decrease recovery time.

Coach Tony teaches running development on a one on one basis over a four week period. In the four weeks you will go over video analysis, running philosophy, and learning the skill work to turn you into a more efficient runner. At the end of the four weeks, we will redo the video to gauge improvements.


Physical Therapy

We are excited to have Jay at Therapydia Portland as our professional partner providing physical therapy and sports rehab services for our StumpTown S&C athletes.


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